Model Call for Dogs and their Owners
Beginning in February 2019, I am seeking dog owners who want to participate in the full service photography experience with their dogs. If selected, in exchange for your time and permission to use all images produced during the session for my portfolio, website, marketing materials and sample products, I am offering a photography session at no charge. Two watermarked web-ready digital files of the model's choice will be included, at a total value of $360.00 excluding tax. Prints and photo products will be available for purchase and these investments start at $100.00
Eligibility for this offer requires the model to commit to the following:
Full participation in the photography experience. This includes an in-person consultation before the session, compliance with reasonable session preparation instructions (which may include having your dog professionally groomed before the session), an in-person image reveal and ordering session, as well as correspondence with the photographer and questionnaires throughout the process.
Retainer. A $100.00 + tax retainer is required to secure the model's session. The retainer will be forfeited in its entirety if the model fails to uphold any commitments outlined in the contract. Upon successful completion of the model's commitments, the entire retainer will be credited toward a print, photo product or digital image purchase.
Contractual agreements. Model will sign a standard model call contract and relevant model releases, granting the photographer unlimited permission to use all photos from the session.
Who is eligible for this model call?
This model call is open to up to two people and one dog, per application. There are no restrictions on age, as long as at least one adult (18 years or over) is included in the session. All types of dogs will be considered, regardless of age, breed and level of training.

For more information, contact Liz: